3 Red Flags Signaling That You Need a Chimney Repair

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There are few things more enjoyable than cozying up next to a fireplace on a cold day! However, a fireplace needs to be safe and fully operational to ensure that this is a safe and enjoyable activity rather than a risky one. Here at Swept Away Chimney, we want to help ensure that your chimney is always in good working order with our chimney services. There are times that you might need a chimney repair, and it isn’t always obvious, particularly if you are not a chimney expert! Here are a few red flags that can signal you need a chimney repair:

  1. Signs of moisture damage in or around your chimney. The chimney and flue should both be dry and operational. This means that if you see issues that are caused by moisture, such as rust around your chimney, wall paper starting to come away from the wall or damp spots around your fireplace, there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed with a qualified chimney repair expert.

3 Red Flags Signaling That You Need a Chimney Repair

  1. Chimney crown is cracked or cracking. The chimney crown is on top of your roof, so only examine this area if you have a sure footing and the safety equipment to do so. A crack in the chimney crown can be a problem since this portion is here to keep out moisture and other elements.
  2. Signs of damage in the mortar joints. If you have access, check the mortar joints of your chimney. Sometimes this requires you to look on the roof, in which case please read the safety requirements above. If the mortar joints are not solid and strong, then moisture can enter, freeze and crack, which further weakens the joints for more problems. These issues need immediate repairs. 

If you have questions regarding chimney repairs, we want to help. For more information, please give our experts a call today.