Benefits Rain Caps Provide for Your Home and Chimney

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All parts of a chimney work together to keep your chimney functioning effectively, and a chimney cap is no exception. First, let’s discuss what rain caps are and the purpose they serve. You can find rain caps at the very top of a chimney. Rain caps are installed above the chimney area that releases the smoke. Rain caps come in many shapes, finishes, and sizes to complement your home’s exterior aesthetic.

Benefits Rain Caps Provide for Your Home and Chimney

As its name suggests, a rain cap’s primary job is to keep rain and other moisture from entering your chimney. Unfortunately, water in your chimney can lead to significant problems and thousands of dollars in repairs. For example, your chimney’s liner could become severely damaged causing your interior ceiling can leak, and the risk of mold and mildew would be significantly increased. Rain caps prevent all of these issues when working correctly.

Rain caps also keep drafts from entering your home. Drafts can make your fire less powerful and push harmful smoke and fumes back into your home. Rain caps also prevent the stray embers from your fire from damaging your roof or nearby trees and power lines.

Lastly, your rain cap will prevent rodents from entering your chimney and, even worse, your home. At times, rodents, birds, or other small animals can become stuck in your chimney and die, causing a highly unpleasant situation. A well-maintained rain cap will prevent this from happening.

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