Chimney Rain Caps Are A Safety Necessity For Your Home

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Chimney rain caps are a vital part of a properly functioning fireplace setup, ensuring your fireplace stays problem-free, so you can enjoy it throughout the cold months of the year. If you are in the market for a rain cap, a chimney inspection is also a great idea. A professional will know how to find any hidden problems or warning signs that should be addressed, so your new rain cap won’t just be an aesthetically pleasing piece looming above an undiagnosed issue.

Chimney Rain Caps Are A Safety Necessity For Your Home

Chimney rain caps cover the opening at the very top of the chimney. They allow smoke to escape, but prevent moisture intrusion and pest invasion. Water entering a chimney will cause rapid deterioration of the brick, mortar, liner, and damper of the chimney. Accumulating water can also foster mold growth, which is a hazard to your health and the structural integrity of your home.

Rain caps also prevent drafts that can make your home uncomfortable and your fireplace less efficient, as these drafts allow smoke to enter the home, potentially threatening your health. Pests have been known to enter chimneys, cause damage, and even die after becoming stuck. This is problematic for multiple reasons and has the potential to damage the chimney. Rain caps are designed to prevent such pest invasion and debris buildup. In rare instances, an ember or spark from a fire can exit the chimney and start fires around the home; while this is not common, rain caps prevent this from happening by catching and containing any errant embers or sparks.

Incorrectly installed rain caps will not provide all the benefits above, so it is a good idea to have a professional install your rain cap. At Swept Away Chimney, we serve the Acworth, Georgia area with a variety of chimney services. We inspect, clean, and repair chimneys, install rain caps and fireplaces, and provide support and communication to our customers. We have HomeAdvisor awards, and our technicians are Chimney Safety Institute of America certified. Give us a call for your fireplace needs or check out our website. We are an insured, family-owned business and strive to provide top-notch service at a competitive price, so your family time will be as enjoyable as possible.