Getting Ready for Your Chimney Cleaning Service

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Chimney cleaning is a critical service that shouldn’t be put off or neglected. Regular chimney cleaning services help to remove dirt, soot or dangerous creosote from your chimney and also serve as a chance for an expert to examine your chimney for structural problems. Here at Swept Away Chimney, we want to help you with all your chimney cleaning needs and with our other services as well. If you have not had a chimney cleaning service in quite some time, here are a few things that can help you get ready for this appointment.

Getting Ready for Your Chimney Cleaning Service

First, keep your fireplace off! While this might seem like common sense, many people get into the habit of lighting their fireplace and then forgetting about their upcoming appointment. Put a note over the switch or on the woodpile to remind yourself to keep the fireplace cool for at least 24-48 hours before we come so we can do a thorough cleaning.

Second, clear the area around the fireplace and mantle. Chimney cleaning is a messy business, and while we do what we can to keep the mess contained, it can be difficult to navigate around decorations, frames, or other knickknacks that are around the fireplace.

Finally, talk to us about any concerns you might have before we start. We want to know if you see anything suspicious like bricks turning white, signs of water around your chimney, or even different odors that occur near your chimney. These can all be problematic signs that we should investigate to ensure your chimney and fireplace are safe.

For more information on how you can properly prepare for your chimney cleaning, please give us a call today.