How to Tell if You Need a Chimney Liner

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Any fire inside your home has the potential to get out of control. It doesn’t matter if it is the flame from a gas stove, the flickering of a candle, the pilot light on a gas appliance, or a relaxing and warming fireplace. For the latter, you can reduce the potential risk while enjoying the benefits if you take good care of the chimney. If your chimney does not have a chimney liner, you should have one installed for optimal safety. Furthermore, masonry chimneys in Georgia and other states are required to have a chimney liner. Here are some warning signs you may be in need of a chimney liner:

  • The chimney walls are deteriorating – If the brick and mortar is being damaged by heat and condensation, it won’t be long before the chimney collapses. The damaged mortar must be repaired and then a chimney liner can be put in place.

How to Tell if You Need a Chimney Liner

  • Your carbon monoxide alarm is going off – If the mortar joints are leaking, gases such as carbon monoxide can enter the room. This is one reason why all homes with fireplaces should have a carbon monoxide detector.
  • You notice chimney tile debris in the fireplace – Thanks to gravity, anything that is falling apart in your chimney will end up in the fireplace. If you notice debris, the flue is damaged and you should act as soon as possible. An annual inspection is a wise idea to make sure there hasn’t been any damage and to determine if a chimney liner is needed.
  • You notice moisture – Needing a chimney liner will be a given if you are noticing condensation issues or water in the chimney.

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