Rain Caps and Other Ways to Preserve Your Chimney

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It might seem that once a home’s chimney is constructed, there would be very little that the homeowner would need to do except enjoy the warmth and ambiance of an occasional wood fire or the use of gas logs. The reality is that you should have your chimney checked out regularly by a local chimney company to be sure cleaning, repairs, or other services aren’t necessary. Ideally, you want to stay on top of any services that will preserve your chimney. Replacing rain caps when necessary and having chimney waterproofing done are two examples.

  • Rain Caps- Replacing the rain cap can serve a preventative, restorative, and aesthetic improvement purpose. Rain caps keep fire sparks from landing on your roof and potentially causing a fire. They also prevent damage to the inside of your chimney by protecting it from the elements, as well as keep birds and other critters from gaining access to your home or building a nest in the chimney.
  • Waterproofing- Even the most minor crack that lets in water can lead to problems with your chimney and eventually cause it to crumble. Regular chimney waterproofing will avoid that problem. It is recommended that you have a chimney professional handle this project every five years to ensure optimal protection of your chimney.

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