Three Popular Gas Logs You Should Consider for Your Fireplace

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If you’ve always wanted the look and feel that comes with the charming glow of a lit fireplace, but you don’t want the mess that comes with burning real wood, then gas logs could be your solution. Most gas logs are crafted from ceramic and built to withstand high temperatures. Designed to capture the physical appearance of wood, these logs can offer the warm ambiance without the soot and hassle of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Three Popular Gas Logs You Should Consider for Your Fireplace

Gas logs, in addition to being relatively low maintenance, appeal to many homeowners because of their tendency to be safer – an absence of a flame – and are one of the most affordable ways to revamp your fireplace.

Vent-free gas logs, for instance, only require a working gas line to get going. Your selection will depend on your budget, your vented or vent-free requirements, and your preference for other features, such as the style and size.

All of this can seem overwhelming. If you just want somewhere to start, here are three popular gas log options on the market:

  1. Charred Alpine Birch (CHAB). Vent-free gas logs, like this set, are more energy efficient than their vented counterparts.
  2. Charred Grizzly Oak. Sturdy and strikingly similar in appearance to real oak, this is a vented option.
  3. Charred Gnarled Split (CHGS). This set is vent-free choice for those opting for a chopped wood look.

The list of gas logs available is vast and you’ll likely need to do more research before you land on the perfect set for you. If you’d like some advice on choosing the best gas logs for your home, a chimney expert can help. Contact us today to talk about our vented and vent-free gas log products.