What Is a Chimney Shroud, and Why Should You Have One?

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Many homeowners hear the words “chimney shroud” and are not even sure exactly what is being discussed. A chimney shroud is a protective covering, much like a chimney cap, which serves both functional and decorative purposes. Although we usually think of fireplaces as providing warmth and a pleasant ambiance for our space, they can harm your family if not maintained correctly. Many of the dangers fireplaces cause come from not being maintained regularly or having been installed incorrectly.

What Is a Chimney Shroud, and Why Should You Have One?

One of the purposes of a chimney shroud is to keep rainwater from entering your chimney. A chimney shroud is installed on top of your chimney, so it works by deflecting water to the sides of your chimney, where it can safely run off without entering your home. However, if this water reaches your fireplace flue or liner, this could negatively affect your chimney’s structure and begin a breakdown process. This is one reason a chimney shroud is so essential to have!

Another reason chimney shrouds are commonly installed is to keep rodents and birds from entering your chimney and building nests, or worse, entering your home. A chimney’s darkness, safety, and comfort attract these rodents and keep them safe from predators. A shroud will prevent these critters from invading your space. Chimney shrouds also increase drafts within your chimney, which is essential for your chimney’s proper performance.

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