Why Leaks are a Strong Sign You Might Need Chimney Repair

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You might be tempted to ignore a small leak coming from your chimney, but excess water can spell trouble. Sudden extreme weather events or even regular intervals of average weather can degrade parts of your chimney and render it unusable or unsafe. Chimney repair may be needed to prevent further damage.

Why Leaks are a Strong Sign You Might Need Chimney Repair

If you’re struggling with leakage in your chimney, it could be due to:

  • A missing or broken chimney cap. A chimney cap functions as the main water barrier between the opening of your chimney and the rain. A malfunctioning or absent cap can allow water to run down your chimney, making it especially susceptible to freeze and thaw damage. Streams of wayward water can also interact with soot that may be lingering in your chimney, and together, this mixture can create an acidic residue capable of damaging other parts of the chimney.
  • A damaged flashing. The flashing can be found in the place where the roof and chimney come together. This small metal fixture acts as a watertight seal between your chimney and roof. The flashing can suddenly become damaged after extreme weather conditions, or it may gradually deteriorate with time. Either way, it’s another common cause of leakage, and requires immediate attention.
  • A damaged crown. A chimney crown is a large piece of stone, concrete, or metal that is responsible for keeping the brick and mortar dry and protected. Moisture seeping into brick and mortar can create cracks and threaten the structural integrity of your chimney.

If your chimney is experiencing one or more of these problems, you should consider professional chimney repair. Chimney repair services can fix a wide range of issues, including damaged chimney caps and crowns. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our chimney repair services.