Chimney Waterproofing

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Chimney waterproofing

Swept Away Chimney, LLC professionals know that one of the last things a homeowner wants is a leaky chimney. Water leaks will lead to rust, corrosion, damaged masonry, and a host of other problems that, left unaddressed, can be unsafe, expensive, and frustrating. Chimney waterproofing will save you time, money, and headaches.

Water damage can be prevented

Chimneys are highly exposed to the elements and, if left unprotected, are susceptible to structural deterioration. It is important to address this problem before serious damage occurs.

Our certified Swept Away Chimney professional will diagnose any water issue and take corrective action to repair your chimney leak problem or suggest a way to prevent potential water damage. If your chimney has a leak or if you think that water is getting into your chimney system, call Swept Away Chimney, LLC, today for a chimney waterproofing evaluation.

Chimney leaks can often be a combination of several issues, so pinpointing the source is a complex process. That’s why it’s important to hire a chimney professional at Swept Away Chimney to diagnose and correct your water issue. Our professional is called on daily to perform water leak diagnostics and to repair chimney leaks, and is trained to trace any problem and assist our customers to determine a course of action to prevent or correct water damage.

Chimneys are built with numerous parts that are designed to repel water. However, since those parts tend to be the path of the water’s entrance, the parts can get damaged and result in water issues. Here are several areas that our Swept Away Chimney professional will inspect and recommend a solution to any water damage or potential future water issues:

Chimney Cap, Chimney Pan, or Masonry Shroud

The protective cover at the top of your chimney, usually made of steel, copper, or iron. The chimney cap keeps the rain out of your chimney and water out of your chimney system. If your chimney cap is damaged or missing, it will need to be addressed to avoid further water damage.

Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is the masonry at the top of your chimney, below the cap. It directs water, snow and sleet away from your chimney. However, over time, cracks and spalling (holes) can develop allowing water to enter into the brick.


Chimney flashing is designed to meet at the roofline to stop water from getting in your chimney and chimney system. Damaged flashing is a common source of chimney leaks.

Chimney damper

A chimney damper seals off of the flue when the home owner is not using the fireplace or stove. The damper helps to keep water out of your chimney system. In addition, the chimney damper assists in keeping out animals and debris, as well as keeping hot or cool air from escaping up the chimney flue. Let the Swept Away Chimney professionals make sure your damper is functioning properly, and if there’s a problem, repair or replace it.

Chimney Sealant

A Swept Away Chimney professional will apply a protective waterproofing sealant with a 10 year warranty that fends off the elements and extends the life of your chimney.

Our water protection is the first water repellent specifically developed to protect chimneys from the severe weather conditions to which they are exposed. Our product is a WATER REPELLENT – not a water sealer. The difference could save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in repairs because sealers can actually damage masonry. Unlike waterproofing sealers that remain on the surface and trap water vapors, our water repellent penetrates deep enough to protect masonry from destructive water penetration. Our product contains patented siloxanes small enough to penetrate most masonry pores up to ¼ inch or more. These special siloxanes form strong bonds with the silica in masonry and concrete. Because of this bonding process, one application provides up to ten times the water repellent protection of typical sealers.

Moisture from a variety of sources is always present in masonry and concrete. Sealers and silicone coatings form a water resistant surface film, which traps water vapors. If these vapors cannot escape, they will contribute to spalling, scaling, deterioration, and freeze-thaw damage. Our repellent is 100% vapor permeable – a non-film forming water repellent that penetrates and lines masonry pores. Swept Away Chimney products offer the best protection because it releases water vapors and effectively reduces water absorption.

Protect Your Investment

Water causes over 1 billion dollars in damage annually in the form of staining, loss of insulation value, freeze-thaw damage, deterioration, and ultimately structural failure. All new and existing masonry chimneys are susceptible to water damage and, even if repaired, chimneys will continue to deteriorate if they are not protected.

Chimney Waterproofing is Long-Term Protection

For chimney waterproofing, we use ChimneySaver Water-Base Water Repellant for masonry and concrete

We use ChimneySaver Water-Base Water Repellant for masonry and concrete.

Our water protection service is an investment in long-term protection that will help prevent expensive reconstruction. However, no water repellent is a substitute for good construction and workmanship. The first step in preventing water damage is to make necessary repairs to structural cracks, damaged crowns, flashings, deteriorated bricks, and mortar joints. The second step is to protect porous masonry from further water penetration by applying the water repellent. Protection is especially needed when a new chimney liner has been installed. If repairs and preventive measures are not taken, the old chimney will continue to deteriorate around the new liner.

Chimney waterproofing is a must to protect your valuable investments.

According to the Brick Industry Association, chimneys require special attention and maintenance to prevent costly damage caused by water penetration. Because chimneys project above the roof line, they are vulnerable to the elements. Nearly every chimney you encounter has signs of water damage! The first step is to determine the cause and then find the best corrective measures. ChimneySaver, the first product developed specifically for chimneys, has been used successfully by leading chimney professionals for nearly 20 years. It reduces water penetration into the masonry by 99.9%, according to ASTM tests conducted at the University of Wyoming. It’s also 100% vapor permeable, which means it won’t trap water vapors that may pass through the bricks when the chimney is in use, unlike other products found in most hardware or home improvement stores.  When applied to a masonry chimney, those products can actually slow down water vapors as they pass through the chimney, which leads to water damage.

a) Water beads on bricks; b) Application of water repellent; c) Chimney with water repellent applied in a stripe to show its benefits



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